The Vibrant Pregnancy

Helping you easily establish beautiful healthy routines for your pregnancy that create bountiful health & peace of mind

Are you constantly Googling best practices for this trimester, 

or feeling overwhelmed by all the things that you don’t know,

or wishing you could watch Netflix rather than read yet another pregnancy blog with good information that you just can’t seem to incorporate into your life?

Keep scrolling…

Can we get real for a second, mama? 

If I could take a peek at you during your day, would I find you…

-searching Pinterest endlessly looking for the best advice out there on having an uber-healthy pregnancy so your baby has the best start possible?

-reading blog after blog, all with great pregnancy tips, only to forget them the next day or lose the Post-It note you wrote everything down on?

-or maybe feeling like you should be glowing but instead are feeling blah & tired & gross

It’s not like you want these things to happen. I mean, if you’d put together all  the things you’ve read already, you’d be the healthiest pregnant person ever, bursting with energy and emanating that moon goddess glow.

I'm here to tell you: It's not your fault!

You see, pregnancy is really a great time to go inward, but it’s not always that easy these days.

We used to have so much outward support from our community, from traditional foods specifically for pregnant women to a circle of knowledge protected through the generations. 

We have the internet now and a LOT of that information is OUT THERE somewhere, but it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE! It’s hard to find and put into practice.

WHAT YOU NEED is a place where that core of traditional knowledge and best practices are all in one place, easy to remember, and out there to remind you every day what’s important so you don’t go another eating junk food and feeling way less than glowing.



The Vibrant Pregnancy

A system centered around a weekly tracker that helps you to focus on some of the most important things you can do to have a nourished pregnancy in body, mind, and soul. 

Walk the path and do the work for not only a vibrant pregnancy, but also peace of mind, more time to focus on preparing for baby, and yes, glowing!

Here’s what you get:

“During my pregnancy I could always count on Bethany to answer my questions, give me resources, try out ideas, or spend her time finding answers for me. She was my Google!”

Stephanie J. 

And You can get the whole shebang for just 33 bucks

Even if you’re not pregnant at the moment, you can get it at the best price now and pull it back out when you’re ready to use it.  

(And it’s actually just as useful for your average non-pregnant human!)

Hi! I'm Bethany

I’ve been a doula for over 16 years while having my own 5 children. I know how important it is to really take good care of oneself while pregnant, and I also know how difficult it is! 

I was sure that as soon as I got pregnant, I would eat better than I had in my entire life. I was not prepared for the food cravings, the food aversions, the nausea, and the fatigue that pregnancy brought with it. But I learned a lot of things through the years that actually helped me to feel better and BE better.

I’m passionate about helping mamas take exquisite care of themselves during their childbearing years. I know firsthand how a woman’s depletion during those years can affect her and her family. 

I can’t wait to help you have a pregnancy that nourishes instead of depletes so that you don’t have to struggle through your mothering years. 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

GraB Peace of Mind at a low Price

Why allow yourself to waste more time online searching out all the best ways to bring back your energy and give your little one the best possible start in life? 

The time to step into your best pregnancy ever is right now. 

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