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Strength.Love.Birth. is a blog about giving birth the way we live life, with authenticity.

We don’t dress like everyone else or eat the exact things as others. Why would we give birth in a factory assembly line that doesn’t honor who we are as unique individuals?

I’m Bethany, a mom of five (!) and doula who discovered early on in my birthing journey that I can bring myself to birth, instead of leave myself by the wayside. I learned to honor my intuition and allow my entire birthing process to be an expression of who I am and who I want to be. I’m a researcher at heart. Honestly, sometimes I do a little too much reading, and not enough actually doing (working on that!). But I allowed myself to research every aspect of the birthing process and to craft a plan for my births that I (and my husband) truly felt comfortable with. That’s not to say it was a breeze. Birth never is. But it was worth it.

This is not an easy journey for any of us. We have to dig deep and discover who it is we really are, what kind of parent we want to be, and then how that all will coalesce into a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that fully embodies all those hopes, dreams, and desires. And if that sounds difficult, consider that we have partners and families who have their own dreams to weave into this process.

When we undertake any challenging adventure, a guide can be essential to completing the journey without getting lost or broken on the way. I would be honored to guide and nurture you through this exploration of how you will birth, how you will parent, and how you will live.

So let’s dig deep together. We’ll find the strength we need to do the hard work at hand, with the love that keeps welling up and giving us further strength when we think we may have just run out. We’ll survive pregnancy, rock our births, and raise beautiful families all while becoming and being the resilient, creative, and joyful women we long to be.

I can’t wait for you to join me.

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