Bethany Dykman is an experienced doula and calming presence at births in Dayton, Ohio and the whole Miami Valley.
Dayton, Ohio Doula Bethany Dykman

Hi, I’m Bethany, and I’ve been a Dayton area doula, serving the whole Miami Valley region in Ohio, for over 19 years while having and raising my own 5 children. 

I love to bring calm, supportive, experienced care to each birth I attend. 

As a doula, I’ve attended all types of births, including c-sections, VBACs, vaginal, inductions, hospital, birthing center, home birth, and more! 

Doula Services You'll Receive

  • Individualized attention and support to each birthing mother
  • No charge consultation to meet and connect
  • One of the most experienced Dayton area doulas
  • 1 to 3 visits before the birth for discussion, connection, and education
  • Calm, empathetic, and helpful continuous support throughout your labor until the baby is born and you are both settled in with each other
  • Gentle encouragement or firm encouragement as necessary in order to help you feel safe, supported, and strong
  • Resource sharing and information provision so that you can have all the facts you need to make the decisions best for you and your family
  • Support for your best birth, whatever form that takes including natural birth, medicated birth, 
  • Positive, judgment-free guidance throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing process
  • Happy to serve families across Ohio’s Miami Valley, including in Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville, Kettering, Middletown, Yellow Springs, Springboro, Troy, Oakwood, Xenia, Cedarville, or wherever you may be 

Availability For Your Dayton, Ohio Area Birth

In order to provide the very best support that I can, I only take up to 2 clients per month. Any more than that and I am doing my doula clients and my family a disservice. 

If you’d like to know if I’m available for your due date, send me an email at bethanyATstrengthlovebirthDOTcom and I’ll let you know my availability for your due date. 

The absolute best way to get started is to book a video call. We will have a quick chat and I can answer all your questions. You’ll walk away feeling like you know me a little bit better and whether I might be a good fit on your birth support team. 

There are many wonderful Dayton Ohio doulas. If we find that we are not a good fit, I would love to send you some other doulas to talk with.  My goal is to help you find just the right doula for your birth in the Dayton area.

I’d love to talk so book that call down below. 

Want to get in touch?

More About My Birthing Philosophy

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