Eco-friendly and cute dishes for toddlers and babies.

6 Adorable (and Safe) Toddler Dishes

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Are you on the lookout for toddler dishes? Especially ones that are eco-friendly and safe for your little one? It can be hard to find good baby or toddler dishes that are phthalate-free or made out of natural materials. Here’s my story of my own search for some healthy dinnerware for my own little guy and what the toddler dishes I found on Amazon.

Toddler Dishes You’ll Love

I was so proud of myself recently for buying a new set of bowls for my little one that have big suction cups, but guess what? The suction cups are absolutely non-functional! At least on his tray. They don’t stick AT ALL. To top it all off, the bowls are really kind of obnoxious colors that clash with our other dishes.

Plates and bowls for kids don’t need to be ugly plastic. You can have lovely dishes for kids that spark joy for you and feed them easily and well. From the beautiful, natural bamboo options to the super functional, easy to clean silicone mats, you’re sure to find something here that will look great in your home and get the job done well.

It might be time for me to ditch my ugly, unsuctioning bowls with one of these beauties!


Adorable Bamboo Mushroom Bowl. Super cute as baby and toddler dishes.Wooden Mushroom Bowl

Look at this beautiful, wooden mushroom bowl. I think I love it because it reminds me of those little fairy garden and fairy houses that people have. That is on my list of frivolous, fun details to put in my yard. I might try to make my own fairy house like Carly of Mommy on Purpose did here. But in the meantime, I can have a mushroom bowl for my toddler to spark a little joy at mealtime.

Flat Silicone Mat to use as Baby and Toddler Dishes or Plates. Easy care.

Sectioned Silicone Feeding Mat

On the more practical side is this flat, silicone mat that is a plate and placemat in one. Silicone is easy care which is always a mom win. This lays flat which makes it tough for a little one to pick up easily. Especially perfect for those who sit at the table with the big people.

Easily washable bamboo toddler dishes. Great for baby and bigger kids, too.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toddler Bowls

Another good sustainable yet practical option are these adorable bamboo bowls. Yes! Bamboo! And even though they are all natural bamboo, they are completely dishwasher safe. Plus, you can get matching plates, cups, and forks, spoons, and such (like this 5 piece set). I love this option.

Strong Suction Silicone Bowl

Now, if your toddler likes to toss his or her bowl on the floor, this is the dish for you. It has one, super strong suction cup on the bottom that really works. If you don’t believe me, look at the 4.7 out of 5 stars it’s getting on Amazon! It’s 100% food grade silicone and can go from microwave to baby to dishwasher and back again. 2 amazing bonuses: A fitted lid to save extra food & really great colors to choose from. A workhorse, this one. Definitely worth a try!

Natural Bamboo Toddler Dish with Strong Suction. Cute fox sectioned plate for kids. Bamboo Fox Sectioned Plate for Toddlers

Back to bamboo. I can’t help it! It’s so sustainable and beautiful. This fox plate with 3 sections to separate food is so fun. It has a strong single suction cup on the bottom, too. Handwash only, but worth it to look at that little fox face every day! Just give it a quick wash while you’re washing your little one’s silicone bibs (my favorite!) and you’re ready to go for the next meal.

Unbreakable Stainless Steel Bowls

These win the award for most practical eco-friendly option. These double-walled stainless steel bowls are perfect for almost any food your child will eat, from berries to cereal to soup or ice cream. My favorite part? You don’t really have to worry about your steel bowl chipping or breaking! I think these are a necessity for any family trying to stay away from plastic who also don’t want to worry about breaking glass or other softer materials that might not last long.

There you go. A great roundup of some eco-friendly and seriously cute toddler dishes for your babies and young kids that are safe, healthy, and practical.

Let me know if you have suggestion of other nontoxic kid dishes you love that fit into this list. I’d love to hear from you!

Love this list of cute and eco-friendly dishes for babies, toddlers, and kids. From bamboo to stainless steel or even silicone, lots of options for different bowls and plates here. Perfect for minimalists. Let your kids dishes spark joy!

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