How To Beat Morning Sickness

How to Beat Morning Sickness

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Looking for the best ways to beat morning sickness? Here are 4 easy and effective remedies to give you the natural treatments you need to get back to your life with no more early pregnancy nausea. Find relief now!

Ugghhh! Morning sickness (or all day sickness as many like to call it) is such a terrible feeling.

Nothing takes you crashing down from the heights of celebrating a pregnancy and knowing a new life is growing inside right into feeling like a stinky pile of poo-poo quite like morning sickness does.

If you’re going through that right now, I’m so sorry. It stinks. It really does.

Woman who needs to beat morning sickness
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I’ve been there.

When I was early in my first pregnancy, I started reading a book I had been looking forward to, and now I can’t even look at that book without feeling sick! Pregnancy nausea is no joke.

Morning sickness provides some of your first lessons in parenting. It’s not fun. Not even ideal. But the nausea and vomiting that come with pregnancy does carry 2 teaching points you may want to pay attention to:

  1.  Being a parent means putting up with a lot of crap that we might not want to deal with but we learn to endure for the love of our children. Here may be where that starts for you.
  2. You can take these kinds of challenges as an obstacle that defeats you, or step up to the challenge and try to defeat this thing. This will serve you well in your later parenting challenges.

Can you really beat morning sickness?

Now, morning sickness is one of those things that probably has multiple causes and therefore multiple possible solutions.

What works for one person may not work at all for another.

Especially if you have HG, or hyperemesis gravidarum, you’re going to need to find a practitioner who can help you do the best and healthiest thing for both you and your baby. If you’ve been diagnosed with HG, my friend Michelle who blogs about HG over at Joy in the Morning has some great tips for mamas with hyperemesis listed here.

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So, while these are not a one size fits all solution, here are some useful remedies that have helped many people to beat morning sickness. I truly hope that you find some relief from the unrelenting nausea with these natural remedies for morning sickness:


Eat, eat, eat!

Eating whole foods with a good combo of protein, fat, and carbohydrate is essential to helping you beat morning sickness!
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I found that the most important thing in trying to beat morning sickness is to make sure you’re eating a combination of protein/fat/complex carbohydrate every 2-3 hours, including during the night.

Well, not every few hours all night long, but most pregnant women have to pee at least once during the night, and you should be eating a protein/fat/complex carb snack every time you get up at night. The reasoning behind this is that the nausea may caused by blood sugar dropping too low, and the snack every few hours keeps your blood sugar levels more or less stable which helps keep the nausea away. The trick is eating the snack by the clock and not by hunger.

By the time you’re hungry, it’s too late. This is why the middle of the night food is important.

So, if something grosses you out, don’t eat it, but these are some things that combine protein/fat/complex carb:

  • peanut butter on whole grain toast or crackers
  • granola bars with protein like these
  • cheese sandwich or cheese and whole grain crackers
  • tuna salad on whole grain bread or crackers
  • eggs and whole grain toast
  • granola and milk
  • nuts and raisins or trail mix of some sort
  • chicken and brown rice
  • cottage cheese, yogurt, or ricotta and a piece of fruit

Also, never eat desserts/sweets on an empty stomach. You should always eat them with a protein food or directly after your meal or your blood sugar will go all wonky.

Remember: Eat all 3 components- protein, fat, and carbohydrate- and eat every couple of hours or this tip won’t work.

Need more food ideas? I put up a huge list of 50+ things to eat during morning sickness that should help you find some things to keep the nausea at bay.

Try ginger capsules.

Ginger can be so helpful as a remedy that beats morning sickness.
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Taking capsules of ginger helped me enormously. I was always sick in the morning, so I’d take some with my food as soon as I got up, and then take it again at the first sign of nausea. I found that if I took it at the first sign, very often I wouldn’t feel sick at all.

The trick with ginger is to take enough so that you feel a warming sensation in your stomach and up your throat a little. I know that sounds weird, but that’s a good rule for taking the right amount for your body. For me, this was 3-4 capsules.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I gave this tip to one of my good friends, and she says that all it did for her was give her ginger-flavored vomit. So your mileage may vary!)

If you’re a tea person, steep some fresh chopped ginger in water just off the boil for 5-6 minutes and sip.

Bonus tip: I used to get car sick driving myself to work while pregnant. A jar of crystallized ginger in my cup holder reminded me to eat a piece as I left the house, and this eliminated my car sickness, too.

Consume beans at every meal.

Beans are surprising way to keep pregnancy nausea away. Just this one tip can help you beat morning sickness!
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Some women find relief from morning sickness by eating beans. Nutritionist Karen Hurd popularized this theory on her blog. According to her, morning sickness can be relieved by eating just a small portion of beans at every meal because the soluble fiber in beans help with fat digestion and spent hormone elimination.

So just eat some beans! It’s not a hard fix to try, especially when you make black bean brownies, a tasty way to eat beans at every meal!

Sniff lemon when you’re feeling sick.

Try sniffing lemon to help beat morning sickness.
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The smell or taste of lemon can definitely curb nausea and vomiting.

One study that specifically looked at pregnant women found that simply smelling lemon essential oil significantly reduced both nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

You can simply cut a lemon and keep it nearby to sniff for a fresh, easy approach. Keeping some fresh lemonade in the fridge could help, too!

Another super easy method is to have a bottle of lemon essential oil on hand to sniff when nausea hits. Knowing where to buy essential oils can be confusing, but this reputable essential oil company is where I have been shopping lately. I have been absolutely thrilled with the quality and price of the essential oils and the easy checkout process. Plus, I love piling up those shopping rewards to earn money back on future purchases! Did I mention free shipping? Just click on the link and search for lemon and for less than $10 you’ll have a powerful nausea-fighting method on the way to save the day!

Now go forth and beat that morning sickness!

Keep all your meals and snacks balanced with macros. Add more beans into your diet. Take ginger capsules first thing in the morning. Sniff lemon when you start to feel queasy.

Four easy-to-implement methods that can help you beat morning sickness and start feeling better TODAY!


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Did any of these remedies help you? Drop a comment below and let me know what worked (or didn’t!) for you.

And don’t forget to head over here to get a free printable list of more than 50 foods to eat during your first trimester that will help you stay nourished and fight off the nausea of early pregnancy.

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