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6 Drinks to Supercharge Your First Trimester

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Wondering what to drink while pregnant in your first trimester? Needing a little something to combat pregnancy exhaustion, fatigue, nausea or insomnia? These 6 first trimester drinks will give you a little extra oomph so you can rock your early pregnancy! From smoothies to teas to mocktails, these healthy beverages have what it takes to make the start of your pregnancy something special.

Some yummy looking smoothies in pink, yellow, and green for a post about first trimester drinks

What to Drink During Pregnancy Besides Water

If you’re used to drinking a lot of highly caffeinated, sugary, or (ahem) alcoholic drinks in your regular life, you may find pregnancy feels a wee bit restricting when it comes to beverages.

Are you looking for what you could possibly drink during pregnancy besides water?

Well (and surely you knew I was going to say this), START WITH WATER! Water is so important for pregnancy, so definitely be drinking water as much as possible. If you have a hard time with just plain water, I do have 2 recommendations for you.

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First is this naturally sweetened electrolyte drink. You can get this in packets or a larger container with a scoop. All the flavors are pretty good. My whole family uses this from time to time. It’s healthier electrolyte drink than Gatorade.

While I do think electrolytes are a great idea, sometimes you just want something sweet and not water. I love and highly recommend this brand of naturally sweetened lemonade and beyond. You can get different types of lemonade, limeade, and other fun drink flavors that keep your beverage intake interesting. Plus I love that they are sweetened with stevia. My kids and I love them.

Healthy Beverages as Pregnancy Self-Care

Preparing a drink for yourself (or even better having someone prepare one for you!) is such a calming and grounding ritual. I love the simple routines of making a cup of tea or a cocktail.

In my humble opinion, beverages can be a lovely source of self-care.

Beautiful woman sits in bath with cup of tea showing how beverages can be self care, especially while pregnant

You take a moment to brew tea and you can breathe for just a little bit.

Someone special makes you a cocktail and you allow yourself to sit down and relax while you drink.

Good beverages are an awesome way to treat yourself, and when you’re in the midst of a new pregnancy, that level of self-care and grounding is extra-important.

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Healthy Drinks For First Trimester of Pregnancy

I hope you find some inspiration and a natural boost from one of these drinks for your first trimester.

Ginger Tea

Ginger lemon tea in a white mug on a marble counter. An excellent tea for morning sickness and first trimester drinks.

Homemade Hot Ginger Lemon Tea has ginger to help you curb that nausea and vomiting we all love to hate from morning sickness. It’s a cup of hot comfort that will get your day started right. Make yourself a special cuppa and enjoy!

If you are just too sick to follow a recipe (I get it!), just order up this tea by Earth Mama Organics. Many women loooooove their organic ginger nausea tea and swear by it for curing morning sickness. Check out the ratings!

The great ratings on Earth Mama Organic Ginger Nausea Tea. Screenshot on May 7, 2022
Screenshot on May 7, 2022

It has ginger, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, and orange. So much calming and soothing herbal goodness! Buy a couple boxes and see what you think.

Green Tea

A white teapot pouring a pale liquid that I'm imagining is green tea with mint as a bunch of fresh mint sits near the cup and saucer. Mint green tea is another excellent beverage for early pregnancy.

If you’re having trouble getting going in the morning because you’ve sworn off coffee, may I recommend green tea? Perfect for trying to reduce your caffeine intake and really wakes you up in the morning with a boost of energy.

Green tea has 75% less caffeine than coffee so it’s a really step down if you’re looking for a coffee replacement for pregnancy.

I especially love green tea with mint as an energizing morning drink. My old favorite is no longer available, but this organic mint green tea from Amazon looks like a great replacement.

And if mint’s not your jam, you can choose strawberry, earl gray, or some other fun flavors from the drop down menu. I’d love to hear if you tried one and loved it!

Dandelion Root Coffee

A lovely dark brew of dandelion root coffee in a mug surrounded by dandelion blossoms. Dandelion root coffee is a great coffee alternative or substitute for coffee during pregnancy.

I know a lot of us stop drinking coffee while pregnant.

Maybe you don’t want caffeine or maybe, like me, it just starts to taste disgusting to you! Either way, dandelion root coffee may be just the coffee replacement you need.

Dandelion Root Coffee may sound a little crazy, but with some cream and natural sweetener, it’s surprisingly good! (That link is to iHerb, my favorite online health food store. I find the prices better than Amazon, and the shipping is fast and free over $20, so it’s a win-win!)

Plus the dandelion root is an excellent liver cleanser which is helpful for pregnancy when a lot of stuff is being filtered through there. I definitely recommend giving this coffee substitute a try, especially if you’re looking for a healthy coffee replacement to drink while pregnant.

You can get dandelion root coffee in single serving bags like tea bags or you can get in a pouch and measure it out by the spoonful like instant coffee. Either way, very easy to make.

Fruit Smoothies

A set of three glass jar with straws and colorful fruit smoothies contained within. A lovely pink berry smoothie, a yellow mango smoothie and an orange papaya smoothie. Protein fruit smoothies are excellent for first trimester drinks.

Smoothies aren’t really a water replacement, but they can be such a great way to get in food and liquid when our tummies aren’t really keen on the idea. Especially if they are fruity and creamy and delicious!

This recipe for Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie is packed full of healthy ingredients to get your day started with a dose of nutrition or to boost your energy in the afternoon. Superfoods galore! It has hemp, maca, bee pollen, and psyllium in a dairy free base.

If that sounds a little too crunchy to you, you might like a more basic smoothie!

The Protein Punch Pregnancy Smoothie recipe really does deliver a punch. Your body needs extra protein to grow that little one. So add a dose of protein like this to nourish you and baby. Plus regular doses of protein keep your blood sugar steady and help keep the morning sickness away.

Not sure which kind of protein powder to buy? I’ve got you covered! Check out this article on the best protein powders for pregnancy for all my favorites.

The only specialty item in that peanut butter banana smoothie (besides cashew milk which is easily switched out) is chia seeds. Feel free to skip these if you want, but they are really good for fiber and digestion so you may want to experiement with them!


A lovely mojito mocktail in a clear glass surrounded by fresh limes and mint and cracked ice. A fun drink to enjoy during the first trimester of pregnancy.

I gotta say, making a mojito seems like an every once in a while thing, but the recipe below is so easy and good, you could have one every day. The mint is good for settling your tummy and it’s pretty low sugar as it uses lime sparkling water as half the liquid.

So here’s a Mojito Mocktail recipe for a fun drink when you feel like letting loose a little. Every pregnant mama deserves a good virgin mojito every once in a while. Or every day! So put your feet up and drink a mojito!

A Few Tips for the Healthiest Drinks in any Trimester

➡️ Protein is SO important for a healthy pregnancy. Boost any drink with some collagen or boost a smoothie with a protein powder to increase your intake. To learn more about why you’d want to up your protein or help picking out a protein powder, read this article!

➡️ Try to keep your pregnancy sugar intake down by choosing drinks with stevia or lighten them up a bit with a sparkling water or other healthy liquid.

➡️ You still need to drink water! If you’re having a hard time, try one of these fun fruit infusing pitchers for water so that you can drink more of the good stuff!

How Much to Drink While Pregnant in First Trimester

So that’s a good start yeah? But is it enough?

Drink a smoothie (12 oz) and some dandelion root coffee (8 oz) in the morning (or ginger tea if you’re nauseous), switch to natural electrolyte or fruit infused water (3 glasses = about 30 oz) and some minty green tea (8 oz) through the afternoon, and finish your day with a fun mojito mocktail (12 oz) and a small glass of plain water before bed (8 oz).

That’s almost 80 ounces total, which should be enough for most people. Your body will let you know if that’s too little or not enough.

Give it a try and see what you think! Make your beverage selection an important part of your day for both hydration and pleasure.


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