Best Birth Preparation Books for Pregnancy

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Here are my top favorite books:

  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth-Advice from America’s favorite hippie midwife. The first half is birth stories and the second half is advice from Ina May’s treasure trove of experience. This book doesn’t resonate with everyone, but is well-loved by many for a reason!
  • The Birth Partner -Such a good book with invaluable information about what to do during labor in certain situations, like things slow down etc. Great reminders of positions and ways to support the birthing person. There is a reason I carried this to my doula births for many years. Great to buy for your partner, of course, but definitely glance through it yourself (and maybe highlight the bits that are important to YOU)!
  • Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth-I love this book. It’s now 20+ years old, but the main idea still stands. This appeals to people with a very logical, analytical mind. Explains the statistics behind birth in America and common interventions and how they are not always in our best interest. Excellent resource to education and advocate for yourself or your partner.
  • Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way-The Bradley method has been around for a long time. I took a course 21 years ago before my first baby and used a lot of the information from the class then and now. This book is a great explanation of the method and of giving birth in general. Very thorough, almost like taking a birthing class.
  • Natural Hospital Birth-This book is a wonderful way to learn about the nuances of planning a natural birth in a hospital. Many hospitals honestly don’t see many women who aren’t open to interventions the minute they walk in the door, so this book walks you through how to find that balance of being a bit of a nonconformist in a hospital setting.
  • Mindful Birthing-More great techniques like we’ve done during these 30 days to get you more mindful, more relaxed, less stressed, ready to surrender. Useful little book with a ton of activities to practice and deepen your mindfulness.
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide-I like this book because it’s almost a little textbook about everything good to know about pregnancy, birth, and baby. It’s more like a reference book that you can keep going back to when you need it, with a holistic perspective. So nice to have around.
  • Pushed: The Painful Truth about Childbirth & Modern Maternity Care-This is more of a research-based investigative exposé of what’s wrong with our maternity system in America. Your eyes will be opened and it will give you some things to think about. It’s better to go in with your eyes open, so this is a must-read.

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