2022 Prime Day Bargains for Mamas and Babies

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Looking for Prime Day bargains for mamas and babies? You’re in the right place.

But first, are you ready for Prime Day? Prime Day (actually 2 days this year! July 12 & 13) is like Black Friday in July, but only for Prime Members on Amazon. If you’re not a Prime member, you should totally sign up right now to get all the advantages, including free shipping on tons of items and exclusive access to Prime Day bargains.

Get Your 30-Day Free Trial to Prime Here!

Sign up now and get 30 days free. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can easily cancel but still be thrilled with your Prime Day purchases. Win-Win!

Prime Day Bargains for Mamas and Babies & Kids!

Amazon has great deals in all departments on Prime Day, and that rings true for great options for parents of babies and young kids. I’ve also spotted some really great deals on healthy foods, too!

Prime Day is not just for electronics!

Some of my favorite Prime Day purchases have been my  Instant Pot (DUH!) and some great headphones, too. I plan on buying more this year for my older kids who go through headphones like clothing sizes—we need new ones each season!

If you prefer to see what’s out there yourself, just go straight to Amazon’s Prime Day page and start shopping!

Alternatively, if you just want the baby goods, all the best baby deals are right here.

But here are some of my top picks for Prime Day 2022 for sorta crunchy mama, babies, and kiddos!

Note: Some of these may be expired or they may be upcoming. If it says upcoming, put it in your cart and keep checking back this afternoon and tonight for the prices to drop. If it says join the waitlist, you will still get an opportunity to buy a bit later with a countdown timer so be ready to move fast!

Another note: Just tap on the picture to see the current price.

Save up to 20% on Britax essentials!

Save up to 35% on baby feeding essentials!

This includes breast milk bags, organic baby food pouches, and more.

And now some things for mama…

Up to 58% ? off Instant Pot products

Up to 38% off Roomba vacuums

And this lovely buckwheat meditation pillow…

Happy Prime Day Shopping!*

*This post will be updated throughout Prime Day with the latest deals!

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