Find Peace in Your Day with This Handwashing Meditation

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A printable handwashing meditation that is grounding and calming. Use this technique of a short meditation during a daily activity to habit stack your way to a happier, less stressful life.

Handwashing in the sink with soap and meditation

The world has been focusing on a lot of things lately we never imagined. Handwashing is one of those. Trying not to live in a continuous state of fear and panic is another.

I’ve solved both problems for you in one fell swoop!

What if…instead of allowing ourselves to live in panic and uncertainty, we continuously swept away the panic and ushered in peace?

What if…instead of continuous anxiety we felt constant grounding and gratitude?

What if…instead of singing the innocuous and slightly annoying Happy Birthday song multiple times a day, we instead used those precious seconds to speak renewal into our soul?

Meditation Made Easy

For many of us, daily meditation is a goal. We’ve read the research and know the benefits.

And yet never seem to get around to doing it.

Daily meditation seems like something that only other people do. Super zen people. Yoga instructors. Monks. You know the type.

But adding in a daily, super short mediation is a wonderful way to get started and even short daily sessions of meditation rewire your brain in beneficial ways.

And habit stacking is one of THE BEST WAYS to make daily meditation a part of your life.

What’s habit stacking? It’s simple adding a new habit right on top of an old one. Great article on habit stacking right here if you’d like to learn more.

So you want to start meditating? Stack a short meditation with gratitude onto your multi-daily handwashing routine and see if it doesn’t change your life.

Printable Handwashing Meditation Samples

How Meditation Works

Heck if I know how meditation works! I mean the scientific-y, brain science part of it is above my pay grade.

What I do know is that it can significantly change your emotional outlook and how you respond to you life.

One of the benefits of meditation is grounding which sounds like a beautiful concept but also seems really confusing. Like, what does it really mean to be grounded? Aren’t we all touching the ground most of the time?

I like how my friend and mentor, April Kline, put it in her book, Small Changes, Profound Results:

“Grounded means you are not in a reactive state 24/7. It means that you approach life from a place of peace and belief that all is well even if it doesn’t seem like it… What it means on a physiological level is that you reset your nervous system. You are settled down out of fight-or-flight mode wherein your body pumps a steady stream of stress hormones… You are now in a calmer, less reactive state.”

April Kline in Small Changes, Profound Results

We all need that in our lives. And handwashing! See how these things go together so well?

The Best Time to Start Meditating is NOW!

If you don’t follow the Holistic Psychologist on Instagram, let me encourage you to do so. She’s dropping a ton of healing knowledge all the time.

I’m on her automated text list and got this beauty today:

I created this printable hand washing meditation as a gift to you to bring this reality into your life.

I actually created 2 meditations: One for regular people, and one for superhumans who are growing a baby (aka pregnant people).

Print as many as you want and place them near all your sinks.


Be cleansed.

Go in peace.

Oops. You caught me on a bad day! I am updating the download form for this meditation. Come back in a few hours!

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