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Bethany is a mom of five, wife, doula, writer, educator, marketer, and founder of the blog If you stopped by for a visit, you'd probably find her with frizzy hair, big earrings, and a huge cup of water and multiple children nearby. She spends most of her time working at her computer or doing random #momlife stuff, like finding out who bled on the couch. You might be shocked to know she has an M.Ed and spends a lot of time teaching people stuff.

Best Essential Oils for Labor and Birth

Looking for the best essential oils for labor and birth? Essential oils can be useful for every birth, whether needed for calming, grounding, pain relief, or helping bring on consistent contractions. Don’t underestimate the power of essential oils as a part of your birth toolkit. Can you use essential oils during labor? Yes! You can …

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Find Peace in Your Day with This Handwashing Meditation

A printable handwashing meditation that is grounding and calming. Use this technique of a short meditation during a daily activity to habit stack your way to a happier, less stressful life. The world has been focusing on a lot of things lately we never imagined. Handwashing is one of those. Trying not to live in …

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Cute Pregnancy Announcement Shirts to reveal that you are pregnant

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

A round-up of super cute pregnancy announcement shirts for first time mom-to-be, couples, and siblings to help announce, too. Surprise your friends and family by showing up to your next get together in one of these adorable pregnancy reveal shirts. That’ll be a memory to treasure! Cute Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Mom-To-Be Super cute Coming …

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Woman practicing relaxation before labor in hammock

Practicing Relaxation Before Labor

When planning your natural birth, have you considered practicing relaxation before labor? This type of practicing beforehand can be so helpful when you’re right in the midst of giving birth. Here’s how practicing relaxation ahead of time helped me, and how you can benefit from this easy-to-implement practice as well.  Learning About A Daily Relaxation …

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Woman in labor with an epidural

30+ Revealing (and Surprising!) Pros & Cons of Getting an Epidural

Honest and real epidural pros and cons are not always easy to come by. I’ve got a list inspired by real women with real experiences on all the pros and cons regarding having an epidural during labor. This long list is a great place to start your research on whether or not you want an …

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